Justin Martell with
Alanna Wray McDonald

04a Tiny and Miss Vicki Portrait (Collection of Victoria Benson)

Tiny and Miss Vicki (courtesy of Victoria Benson)

05a Tiny Tim Santa Monica Civic Aud- perfoms on park bench with live pigeons - June 28, 1968 by Henry Diltz

Tiny—and pigeons—perform at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, June 1968 (courtesy of Henry Diltz)

09 Tiny Tim on the Set of Juanita Banana Music Video [1973]

Tiny Tim on the set of the ‘Juanita Banana’ video, 1973 (courtesy of Francisco Poblet)

08b The New Tiny Tim Show 1974

The New Tiny Tim Show, 1974

11a Tiny argues with his manager after being told to keep it down during an all night hotel room concert with Richard Barone and his frieds.  Tampa, FL 1976 (Collection of Richard Barone)

Tiny argues with his manager on the phone after being told to keep it down during an all-night hotel-room concert (courtesy of Richard Barone)

14b 20th Century Promotions 8x10 (Collection of Gil Morse) 1988

A promotional shot of Tiny from 1988 (courtesy of Gil Morse)